Harthill Modern Jive
Latin Dance club

About Us

Harthill Modern Jive is a not-for-profit club run by volunteers.

We meet on Wednesday evenings, 7-45-10.15pm. 

NO PARTNER IS REQUIRED (but couples are welcome!).

The cost is now £4 per session (recently increased to take into account rent increases and extended session) and includes soft drinks -You are welcome to bring your own drinks.

Our weekly sessions start with basic Modern Jive moves for beginners and improvers.  After a bit of time for freestyle dancing, we have a shorter class in a Latin style (Salsa, Rumba, Cha-Cha, etc.).  The session ends with more freestyle dancing.

Not sure what is meant by Modern Jive?

Well, it's NOT Rock 'n' Roll.  Neither is it Ballroom Jive.

Modern Jive is more of a hybrid style with some elements of Rock, but also with some Latin influences, especially Salsa.

It is sometimes referred to by other terms such as Ceroc or French Jive.

The tempo of Modern Jive is varied so part of its attraction is that it can be danced to tunes and pop songs from across the decades and has appeal to all age groups.

Modern Jive can appeal to those who think they have 'two left feet'!  This is because with the basic moves there is generally more emphasis on hand holds, arm movements and position, rather than with the feet.

Modern Jive is a partner dance and the best way to learn is to regularly move on and practice moves with lots of different partners.  In this way Modern Jive becomes very much a social event, where you meet and make new friends very quickly.  So whilst couples are very welcome, a partner is not essential because you are constantly moving on in the teaching sessions.  There are very few 'wallflowers' in Modern Jive!  So, in short, Modern Jive is fun dancing for all, to a popular mix of uplifting music.

It's quite easy to learn and is good exercise too!

Why not give it a try?

Interested?  Then contact Derrek ASAP and 'Let's get groovin'

Either complete the form on our Contact Us page or email: derrekleigh@trunkles.wanadoo.co.uk or call 01909 770114